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13/11/2022, 19:00 - 22:00

„Sensorama“ im Kunstverein Klangwerk Wien

„Sensorama“ is a multi sensorial  event, where music, smell and taste as well as other senses are juxtaposed with one another. For this purpose German Popov a.k.a. OMFO – musician  multi-instrumentalist and Sergey Shevelev- tea culture ambassador are going to join efforts in order to provide an intimate atmosphere and conditions to achieve this goal. Visitors will be offered an exclusive selection of high quality tea from Sergey’s collection , that will be served in the original ceramic pots and cups. OMFO will be providing musical accompaniment with a number of rare musical instruments from Far East and Central Asia ( kuray, dutar, ba wu, mouth harp, nay and others).

This event will be joined by SAINKHO – singer, songwriter, sound artist. https://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sainkho_Namtchylak Sergey is a founder of Moychay International, tea culture ambassador, traveler and entrepreneur. Sergey used to live 10 years in China, owner of more than 30 tea houses worldwide and two tea factories in Georgia and Thailand. Sergey will share some rare and exclusive teas from personal collection and tell stories about tea philosophy and culture.

German Popov is a musician-multi instrumentalist, composer, sound artist and researcher. Throughout all of his projects he works on establishing the lost contacts with sources and archetypes of modernity. Significant part of his research is dedicated to incorporating ethnographic and anthropological data into artistic activities. He has been involved in various musical and social events focused on the topic of Central Asia.

Under the stage name OMFO he published several musical works and soundtracks which reached a high degree of international popularity.  His current research is based on combining ancient art forms with novel techno- scientific pursuits and performative concepts. The rich collection of musical instruments collected by him over the years of travels in Central Asia and the Far East has become one of his main objects of study. In recent years, German has used his skills in researching musical traditions and the acoustic qualities of traditional musical instruments to represent his own music and songs. Projecting his work on a vanished troubadour tradition, he seeks inspiration in using his rich experience in analyzing Central Asian cultures for personal expression.

https://www.mixcloud.com/germanpopov18/ www.tschiritsch.com

Kunstverein Klangwerk – Laudongasse 28, 1080
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