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02/05/2023, 20:00

Taxi / Paloma 004

A rock band is a group of musicians who play rock music for an audience. Rock music consists of a combination of instruments and vocals. The band usually performs popular rock songs as well as their own original compositions. The lead singer is typically the main focus of the band and is charged with carrying the energy of the performance. Rock bands often allow members to work together to improvise and create distinct sounds and techniques. By blending creative ideas and performing as a team, rock bands can create a unique and powerful experience for the audience.
That’s exactly what Taxi does. Come to our show.
(Text generated by DeepAi, except last two sentences, those I wrote myself and I’m proud of them -Kevin Taxi)
PALOMA 004 play Indie Rock that is shifting between sombre guitar riffs and sweet melodies and can’t deny a certain pop appeal. Their sound is influenced by Post Punk and Shoegaze.
Vinyl DJ SET by Salami Recorder


Lerchenfelder Gürtel, U-Bahnbögen 29-32
Wien, 1080 Österreich
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