Ina Loitzl – Hunting and more

Hunting, traditional customs and crafts are key elements in the work of Ina Loitzl, whose studio is on Albertplatz. She stitches, sews, cuts, glues, paints and films, combining art and craft, kitsch and media images, unmasking appearance and reality and creating an image that seems to express joy of life but at the same time points to its rigid, narrow conventions.

Her performance ‘Cutout Monkey’ at Vienna’s Karlsplatz, where she wore a gorilla costume and addressed the difficult financial situation of artists, especially women, caused quite a stir earlier this year.
22–27/09/2020. Ehemaliges WKO-Bürogebäude
3., Rudolf-Sallingerplatz 1
PARALELL Vienna. Artist Statement. „BIG TONGUE“ – neben einer überdimensionalen Zunge zeigt Ina Loitzl erstmals Grafikcollagen, Textilobjekte, Animation und ein dort entstehendes Walltattoo mit einem Druckevent auf Haut und T- Shirt.

issue 03/2020