Let’s see what happens

Rapper, slam poet and author Yasmin Hafedh, better known as Yasmo, is one of the most creative voices in Austria – and a long-standing Josefstadt resident.

‘I was simply happy to find an apartment,’ she says about her choice of domicile. The daughter of a single mother is turning 30 this autumn and looks back on twelve years in the 8th district: ‘I do think it has woken up over time, in its own way.’ The Gürtel road and its clubs as well as Café Anno – ‘the slam poets’ second living room’ – have played an important role in her development as an artist. The focus of her work is still very much on texts and writing, and with its relative peace and quiet the Josefstadt provides the perfect environment – well mostly, anyway. ‘We have students living next door, and now I find myself being that person who asks them to turn it down a bit,’ she laughs.
With all live shows cancelled she first felt a certain insecurity but then also embraced the new creative opportunities the lockdown offered. She has begun to explore a new musical project (but won’t say too much about it yet) and launched a crowdfunding campaign to finance the follow-up album to the excellent ‘1000 Liebe’ that was released in 2017 and features the feminist hit ‘Girls Wanna Have Fun’. Work on the new album together with the Klangkantine band will be the main constant for Yasmo in the coming months. But she hesitates to set a release date or plan a tour. ‘If coronavirus has taught me anything it is this: Let’s see what happens.’


issue 03/2020