Light Show

Lockdown or not, art in public space can be enjoyed at all times.

Last winter, light installations at various locations across Vienna invited us to take a nice long stroll and walk those 10,000 steps through the city to explore the various stops of the ‘Vienna Rays of Hope’ project.

Most people in the 8th district will probably remember the Zebra Tigress in Tigerpark. This year, Josefstadt artist Victoria Coeln shines the spotlight on fellow local artist Deborah Sengl’s ambiguous cat at Keplerplatz in the 10th district.

Other lightscapes can be found at Yppenplatz, in Stadtpark and at Gaußplatz (in the 16th, 3rd and 20th district, respectively). The latter is turned into a chromatic lightscape of tranquility, regeneration and movement based on the socio-critical silhouette cut-outs of Leipzig artist Carsten Busse.

All locations have been specifically chosen. Last year, Victoria Coeln’s project focused on human rights; this year’s title is ‘Civil Courage in the Light of Art.’ Victoria Coeln illuminates public space for everyone in Vienna, combining her light with graphic works by artists like Margot Pilz, Deborah Sengl, Gabriele Stötzer and Carsten Busse. Every Thursday, performative demonstrations for civil courage will be held at the lightscapes and pop-up light spaces in various parts of Vienna.

In addition, Victoria Coeln will be parking her nomadic light transporter as a pop-up studio in Josefstadt not once but twice: On 18 December 2021, she will illuminate Hamerlingpark, and on 13 January 2022 her destination is the District Museum in Schmidgasse where she will bring light to the darkness of foundlings and their mothers then and now.