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La Biancheria offers not only beautiful ladies’ underwear – owner Katharina Fabian wants women to feel good in their bodies too.

Born and raised in the Josefstadt, the 27-year-old wasn’t always sure she was going to take over the family business. But ‘working at a bridal fashion store I realized that I love working in sales. I like talking to customers, offering them advice and seeing how happy they are when they have found something that makes them feel beautiful.’ She was applying for sales jobs at other companies when her father asked her: ‘If you’re moving into this career anyway, why not do it here with me?’

That was three-and-a-half years ago. ‘I started out in marketing and then began to focus on sales. But I left everything pretty much as it was. We had lists indicating how many pieces in black, white and beige we needed of each item. We didn’t have anything in other colours.’

After talking to her customers, she decided to completely renew the product range. ‘We still have our standard items, but now you can choose from a colourful, playful palette.’ She remembers a 90-year-old lady who told her ‘she had missed out on “that underwear thing” when she was younger and thought it would be too daring for her now. I suggested trying something a bit brighter. She left with a red lace bra and red lace panty and said she should probably warn her husband before she got home so that he wouldn’t have a heart attack.’

Wäschegeschäft "La Bianceria"

©Lisa Lugerbauer

‘Before I came in we didn’t even have a website,’ Fabian says. Today, more and more women are finding La Biancheria through Instagram. Customers value the individual attention and trusting atmosphere that allows them to open up. 90 percent, says Fabian, first apologize for the way they look, from ‘Sorry … pandemic weight gain’ to ‘My bust used to be so firm and now I have sagging breasts.’ ‘It is sad that so many wo- men are so unhappy with their body. We try to focus on the parts they do like. We want every woman to leave a little happier than she came.’ Diversity is also key. ‘We make sure we have curvier mannequins in our windows as well. Some pieces only start at size 42 (UK size 14), while others only come in smaller sizes,’ says Katharina Fabian. La Biancheria will continue to be size inclusive so that every woman loo- king for pretty underwear will find something there.

▶ La Biancheria. 8., Josefstädter Straße 27.

Frauen in Unterwäsche

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issue 03/2021