Open studios

The ninth edition of the open studio days under the title ‘Im Achten herum’ (Out and about in the 8th) once again invites art lovers to get to know the Josefstadt’s artists and their work.

The event kicks off on Friday, 3 October, at 19:00h, with a studio tour party with the participating artists at the Volkskundemuseum (Museum of Folk Life and Folk Art). The studio tour proper then starts on Saturday.
As usual, the event features both young and established artists as well as new arrivals to the 8th district. ‘The focus is on artistic creation in the Josefstadt, which forms an important part of contemporary art in Austria,’ explains artist and organizer Walter Kanov. For a motto for this year’s tour he refers to Friedrich Nietzsche: ‘We have art so as not to perish from the truth.’ Kanov’s large-format acrylic paintings will be on display at the museum.

In addition to a wide range of art – from painting, photography and sculpture to installations, video and sound art – the tour also allows you to discover some hidden gems along the way, such as the picturesque inner courtyard of Michaela and Walter Meissl’s studio ‘mindquarters’ with its great sculptures and plants or the colourful studio of Sabine Duty in one of the most beautiful houses in the district.

Sabine Duty, who quit her day job as an art therapist to be a full-time artist, has had her studio in Laudongasse since 2013. For her project ‘100 people’ she portrays people who were selected based on statistics that represent the world’s population. Besides that, her current work mostly focuses on the female body and ageing: ‘The reaction to these pictures is quite diverse. One woman was so moved that she broke into tears, while another berated me for even painting something like that.’

Viele Künstler stellen aus - sechs verschiedene Werke

The studio of Udo Hohenberger and Sylvia ­Fischer in Pfeilgasse may look inconspicuous from the outside, but once inside you find yourself in a fascinating world of creativity. At the studio tour they present their exhibition ‘Kongenial II’: new works created since the lockdown that show how an extreme crisis and the fears and anxieties that go with it can influence an artist’s work.

Ulli Klepalski’s exhibition at Amerlinghaus in the 7th district opens on 10 September and presents brand new works inspired by her journey to New York for her show at Artifact gallery in 2019. A cartoon-like series of collages, a spatial installation and an almost life-size oil painting all revolve around the theme of cats – and cat content can also be expected at her studio on Buchfeldgasse in early October.

All in all, ‘Im Achten herum’ provides the perfect opportunity to explore the 8th district and get ato know its vibrant art scene.

issue 03/2020